Unique Perspective

Snyder Law Office was founded by Scott Snyder, an attorney licensed to practice law in Washington since 1992. In his practice, Scott brings a unique perspective to the table.  His legal credentials include a Master of Laws degree (LL.M.) in Transnational Business Practice.


His professional experience includes working in other countries with different legal systems, most notably Spain and Italy.  In doing so, he broadened his knowledge as to the differences in litigation and business law customs in those countries, and also honed his foreign language skills.


Scott has a native fluency level in Spanish and has provided “Spanish for Lawyers” seminars sponsored by the Washington State Bar Association.

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Practice Approach

While the diplomas and credentials may be hung on the wall and the office outfitted with the best equipment and attractive furnishings, a law office does not come into being until a lawyer has clients to serve. The identity of a law office is uniquely formed through continued client service. This is why the practice approach at Snyder Law Office starts with the highest regard for the client, the vitality of the firm.


The main service provided to clients at Snyder Law Office is to design, structure and document their business ventures and transactions as well as estate plans. Scott also assists in a variety of real estate matters, ranging from purchases and sales to lease agreements to subdivision applications.


Scott wholeheartedly embraces being the “trusted advisor” that his clients turn to when they need professional guidance. In this role, the question posed most often by clients is the very practical one…What do you think I should do? In answering this question, Scott often starts off by saying "If I were in your shoes" - as this tells the client what someone with extensive training and experience in the law would do if put in the client’s position.

Scott E. Snyder, J.D. LL.M.

Scott Snyder